Peak Performance with FocusUp

FocusUp Pro is a tool you can use to learn about how you concentrate and what causes your attention to drift and to improve your focus through practice. Once you become more aware of your behavior, then it’s possible to work toward changing and enhancing your approach to letting go of conscious thoughts and entering the flow of effortless, focused play!

Have you ever noticed you get distracted when your friends come to watch you play? Or do you perform better when the crowd noise gets loud? You can play FocusUp to learn what hinders and helps your ability to perform in competitive situations and then simulate those situations while using FocusUp to train your mind to behave differently. Follow these tips below to make the most of this app.

Ways to make the most of the FocusUp Game:

  1. First a paradoxical truth: the more you rush, the longer it will take you to get there. Practice staying calm and methodical,  especially when you can’t find a number. What works in FocusUp works in life! Don’t panic.
  2. Notice the movement of your eyes. Try to use peripheral vision and keep your eyes still. A “Quiet Eye” is a key to making putts, making shots, and making progress. Focus only on the number you need to find. Visualize it.
  3. Learn more about what situations allow you to concentrate the best. Play the game in a quiet room. Note your time. Then play it with the television playing or music blaring, or in a place with distracting noise. Take note of your performance and how you felt in each situation. Turn the sounds on or off within the game and see what affect that has. How does the environment enhance or detract from your performance. Practice with FocusUp in the situation where you are weakest in competition.
  4. Before a match or test, use FocusUp like a meditative tool to clear  and quiet your mind and to get ready to follow a steady, methodical process. Doc Halladay does it twice the day before he starts a baseball game and once on the game day.
  5. Work with a partner. Have the partner watch you play the game. Note the time. Then repeat the exercise without anyone watching. Do you perform better or worse when someone watches you? How does that correlate to your performance during athletic performances. Knowing this about yourself can help you be more aware and help you make changes, whether it’s becoming more comfortable when someone watches, or making sure your friends come watch you because you play better when they do!
  6. Challenge a friend to beat your time. Note how you feel when you must compete against someone else’s time.

We hope you enjoy and benefit from using this mental exercise. Watch for updates in the coming months as we add new features and extend its usefulness.  Let us know your ideas for how to improve the product.

FocusUp Pro is now available in the iTunes Store

FocusUp is a free iPhone app. You can hone your concentration skills for performance in sports, academics, or life.

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