About Us

Flying Sofa is a company of four software geeks up in Seattle— Chuck, Glenn, Herve, and me, Susan.  Between us we’ve got many years logged working in the major high tech giants of Seattle, earned bachelors, masters and PhDs, won awards for films, books and other great works, and spent many hours playing, polishing our games, training and coaching in sports.

We’re like a garage band but not one that makes music, though we tried at first, and then we decided we needed more focus, so we created FocusUp, an app designed to turbocharge your mind and attention span. It was the solution to all our problems. We got amazing stuff done and Glenn became the fastest human on earth when it comes to completing the Number grid.  After hours of moonlighting, meeting in Glenn’s laundry room office to wash and spin out dreams of software brilliance and app fame, eating girl scout cookies while crunching the code, and amusing each other with antics during late night virtual meetings on iChat, amazingly enough, we got our act together and created something you, and everyone needs! More Focus with FocusUp.

The green moss may be covering the trees up here in Seattle but it isn’t accumulating on this flying sofa. We are making velvet mind’s fly one app at a time. You’ll be amazed at what your mind can do on a flying sofa app. Try it. Buy it! Make us happy!

Contact us: slammers00 at gmail

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