Can you beat MLB Pitcher Doc Halladay with FocusUp Pro?

Sports Illustrated showcased one of the secret weapons Roy Doc Halladay, the ace pitcher uses daily in building his mental toughness; the concentration number grid in laminated form. Now this classic mental toughness training tool is available in digital form for athletes, coaches, and sports psychologists. Use it on your iphone or ipad to become more aware of how you concentrate and how to best manage your focus to enter the peak performance zone. This month we  introduced FocusUp Pro, a version designed for athletes, coaches, and sports psychologists as a tool to enhance performance. The new version delivers 20 levels, more time tracking tools, and more colorful skins to suit everyone’s taste.

We are excited to introduce this new version. Rising talents in high school, college, and professional sports are adopting FocusUp Pro  as an important part of their mental training routine. We will be showcasing these athletes in the coming months as we discuss how to prepare mentally for competition. Please let us know how you use FocusUp Pro. In the mean time, see if you can beat Roy Doc Halladay’s time. He can usually complete the 100 number grid in under 4 minutes. Extraordinary focus indeed! With practice you can get there too. And who knows there may be a perfect game in your future.

Download it today in the iTunes Store.

FocusUp Pro Level 1 Concentration Number Grid. A tool to raise your game. Can you work your way up to the 100 number grid?

By Susan Lammers

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