FocusUp, an iPhone app designed to raise your game!

Train Your Brain to Concentrate Deeply in Minutes a Day!

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Athletes know the difference between winning and losing in high pressure situations–the key is staying focused in your peak performance zone. FocusUp is a game that will help anyone raise their level of deep concentration. This iphone app trains you to quiet your mind and pay attention to what you need to do moment by moment.  Consisting of up to 100 randomly arranged numbers in a square grid, the goal is to start by finding number 1, strike it out, and then look for the next number up, progressing from 1 to 100. Sounds simple right? It is and it isn’t. To master it requires self-control, calm focus, and grit. Regular practice with FocusUp starting at the beginner level of 16 numbers and working your way up to the 100 number grid delivers dramatic improvements in concentration and in turn performance in the classroom and on the field. The sixteen number grid can be completed in less than 10 seconds. High performers on the 100 number grid can complete about 20 numbers in one minute. Elite performers finish 30 numbers in a minute.

The Secret Weapon Elite Performers Use to Build Concentration

For demonstrated proof that this concentration number grid in FocusUp works,  follow this link to read about the  professional athletes such as Roy “Doc” Halladay, a Cy Young winning pitcher who uses the concentration number grid to get in the zone and reach new heights. Tennis coaches, Peak Performance coaches and others rely on this proven tool. You can too. 

Download FocusUp  in the iTunes store and turbocharge your mind and attention span.  FocusUp provides infinite variety, progressive levels, time tracking tools, five different skins/looks, “challenge a friend” mode and more.  Prepare to enter the peak performance zone. Your mind will fly!

By Susan Lammers

5 comments on “FocusUp, an iPhone app designed to raise your game!

  1. I’ve been using the Concentration Grid and am a big believer. It’s helped me in my school work. The problem with the paper version is solved by FocusUp…because the number grid always changes. Also it’s easy to record and see the progress of your times. Thanks for making this app.

  2. This has been working great for me! I’ve seen my time improve to just over 7 seconds. Still trying to score better than my brother at 6.5! A lot of fun AND feeling some real benefit. Thanks!

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